Clients using Mollier Diagram Pro in their daily work

Hemmes Energietechniek, Royal HaskoningDHV


"Piet Tadema asked me if he might model the Hemmes-system. Of course and he did a good job and the system of dehumidification before heat regain is very simple to understand and to use and everybody can see what happens if you change the efficiency of the heat exchangers. This would cost you several hours by hand. In the other models of AHU's in this program you can choose the sections and you will have a quick result in how the unit should operate at different temperatures."

Barend Hemmes

Hemme Installatiebedrijf


"I think Mollier is the best program I have on my laptop. I am much in the optimization of installations and can accurately determine with Mollier diagram Pro whether heat wheels work correctly, or whether energy balances are in order calibration of temperature etc etc."


Rene Hemme

Adviesbureau Souer


"For quite some time I have been using Mollier diagram Pro and I am very satisfied with the application. I use it mostly to perform multiple simulations and have the ability to change parameter quickly. This often results in usefull insights when simulating the real implementation of cooling or heating technologies. I often use the results of the simulations I do with Mollier diagram Pro for my reports and requirements. In my view Mollier diagram Pro is a real winner for professionals ranging from consultants, installers and maintenance workers that deal with air treatment technologies."

Wim Souer