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Rene Hemme,

Mollier Diagram Pro is an easy to use mollier diagram with which you can make calculations of air treatment processes. Please feel free to download the trial version of Mollier diagram Pro and find out how it can assist you in your day-to-day work. Mollier diagram Pro is available through the following options:





  • Automatic enthalpy calculation
  • English, German and Dutch versions
  • Temperature range of -25 °C to 200 °C
  • Altitude ranging from 0m to 2490m height
  • Spreadsheet to export calculations to Excel
  • HVAC calculations for heating, cooling and humidifying
  • Models for twin coil, heat wheels, crossflows and heat pumps
  • Widely used by HVAC professionals for simulations
  • all features of Mollier Diagram Pro

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About the Mollier Chart Diagram

In the graph below you find an example of a chart plotting the Mollier Diagram. The Mollier chart is also known as H-S or H-X diagram or enthalpy pressure diagram. Where the letter H stands for enthalpy and the X or S for the relative water vapor fraction. The graph is bound by the line where complete saturation of air with water is achieved. On this line, the saturation line, air contains the maximum amount of water. In this situation the percentage of relative humidity equals 100%. The Mollier diagram is a graphical representation of 3 components: Firstly, the enthalpy H, as illustrated in "Heat-content". In the Mollier diagram, to be read in the example below, the enthalpy is shown in h(kJ / kg). Secondly, the water content of air. This is shown in the form of the moisture content x [g / kg] at the upper side of the Mollier diagram. Thirdly, the temperature which is on the left axis of the Mollier diagram. If you are more interested in the Carrier diagram or Psychrometric Chart please have look at Psychrometric Chart Pro.

Visual representation of Mollier diagram chart

Mollier diagram representing coherence between enthalpy, humidity and temperature

Richard Mollier the inventor of the Mollier Diagram

Richard Mollier - invetor of the Mollier Diagram

Richard Mollier was born in Germany on 30 November in 1863. He studied mathematics, physics and mechanical engineering in München and Graz in Germany. Thereafter, he was a professor at Dresden University where he was the first to make a Graphic display of the relationship between temperature, pressure, enthalpy, entropy and volume of steam and moist air. This Mollier chart is a common tool used by engineers to theoretically predict the real life performance of their installations. Also service technician make good use of the Mollier diagram while installing or maintaining installations that cool air, heat air, steam, refrigerate, etc. Mollier work many years with his students to enhance his diagrams and works on other problems in thermodynamics,refrigeration,hydraulics and gas engines. Richard Mollier shared many copyrights of his research results with his students. In 1923 in Los Angeles on the thermodynamics congress he got a great honor, the congress decided to name all diagrams that display heat energy with one coordinate after Richard Mollier. He retired as professor in 1931 and he died on 13 march in 1935 in Dresden at the age of 72.